Carapato is a project that was born in 2019 by the hand of its creator, Carlos Carapato and with the illusion of creating a solo EP, with very few means and with only the invaluable help of artists who collaborate by putting their voice to the compositions. It is a very risky and difficult project in which a single person has made all the composition of the songs, as well as their recording with all the instruments and the production. This EP shares its name with the title track PARABELLUM and will be available soon on all major platforms.

At the time of the composition, the musical style was very clear, the creator's favorite style, Death Metal. But despite the clarity of ideas regarding how to approach the composition, the multitude of influences absorbed by the artist motivates that it is not an easy album to label among the different variants of extreme metal, having influences in addition to Death, also Black. or even Thrash, among others. Which makes it a very personal composition in which all the songs are different from each other, but when put together they fit together like pieces in a puzzle.

Carlos Carapato

Carlos Carapato was born in 1988 in Madrid, Spain. In a district in the south of the city, called Carabanchel, the cradle of great artists. From a very young age he fell in love with metal music with groups like Scorpions or Metallica among many others. Later he got to know extreme metal, counting among his influences groups like Amon Amarth, In Flames, Kalmah etc ...

At the age of 17 he was able to fulfill one of his dreams and with his first salary he acquired his first electric guitar, thus starting his musical career. After years of learning, in 2021 his first work Parabellum came to light, not only making his guitar sound the steel strings, but this time already at the controls of the composition and recording of the rest of the instruments that appear on the EP.